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At Paradise Sweeping, our snow plow services are ready at all times to help you get roadways, parking lots and streets clear of snow so you can proceed with your daily life. Whether it’s snow plowing, snow removal or salting, you can feel safe and secure that Smith Property Services is responsible for your property this winter. 

Snow Removal Solutions

Managing Inclement Weather

Whether it’s snow plowing, snow removal or salting, you can feel safe and secure that Paradise Sweeping is responsible for your property this winter.  We have the equipment and manpower to handle your paved surfaces.

We will use our equipment to move snow in a timely manner so that your business never misses a beat and can open on time. 

At Paradise Sweeping, we have extensive expertise and experience in all snow and ice management scenarios. These include, commercial, retail, and business complexes.  We are fully insured and prepared to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us. 

These are some of the services we provide;

  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Removal
  • Ice Management
  • Salt Application

Call Paradise Sweeping for all of your snow and ice management needs!

snow plow trucks in snow. Snow plowing Charlotte NC

Parking Lot Sweeping

Power Sweeping to keep parking lots clean and paved surfaces free of litter.

Construction Sweeping

Mitigating construction site track out and helping prevent stormwater pollution.

Municipal Sweeping

Making your streets cleaner for your residents-which increases preceived value.

Airport Sweeping

Airport Sweeping Services ensure that the runways and taxiways are free of Foreign Object Debris. (FOD)

Porter Services

Day/Night Porter Services ensure that the exterior of your facility is clean and inviting.

Parking Garage Sweeping

Keeping your parking garages cleaner and paved surfaces free of litter and debris.

Industrial Sweeping

A cleaner industrial facility is more likely to be a safer industrial facility.

Street Sweeping

Keeping the streets and alleyways where you live clean and litter/debris free.

Pressure Washing

Power washing the exterior of your facility squeaky clean for a fresh look.

General Maintenance

Keeping your facility well maintained with general maintenance tasks.

Retail Sweeping

Ensuring your retail lots are clean, litter free, and ready for your customers

Commercial Sweeping

Making your commercial property free of litter and debris,, cleaner and safer.

Milling Sweeping

Milling Sweeping to ensure a quality surface and keep your project on schedule.

Snow Plowing

Removing the snow so your facility can continue regular operation during winter.

Pot Hole Repair

Minor Pot Hole Repair For Your Asphalt pavement Parking Lots and Streets.

Bulk Item Removal That Will exceed your expectations."

Know Your

At Paradise Sweeping, we know you may have questions. Our industry experts will put you at ease with their skill and knowledge as they evaluate your paved surfaces.

Once a comprehensive sweeping plan is proposed and agreed upon, the skilled operators at Paradise Sweeping can begin to work delivering results.